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One sentence fragment a day...

16th August, 2007. 10:43 pm. Rant

Who buys milk at Trader Joe's? Seriously. Even if I made $200,000 a month I would buy my milk at some more sensible place. Arg! I don't actually care but I thought it was ridiculous enough to merit a note.

Current mood: aggravated.

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24th May, 2007. 10:10 pm. 12 hr days aren't so bad...

Did countless good for the world of charity today, and in more tangible terms also raised over $1300 - need I mention that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my jobs!!!!!!

Current mood: excited.

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20th May, 2007. 12:48 pm. Sunday Afternoons....Bleh....

Shopped for groceries, must now clean room before work....bah.

Current mood: annoyed.

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16th January, 2007. 9:23 pm. upsettness

for some reason, i seem to have to go to class all the time now, and everyone wants my limited income.

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10th January, 2007. 10:02 pm. a long day

got lots done, but my back is in deathly pain so it wore me out completely.

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6th January, 2007. 5:12 pm. I'll do anything I tell, you anything!!!

To avoid having to start going to classes again, I would seriously do anything! No! No! No!

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5th January, 2007. 9:19 pm. What am I doing on vacation? Why, I'm vacating!

Spent time with my friend from highschool (one of only two) and went out to a buffet, where I gorged myself on fresh fruits who's goodness I had never dreamed of. Ah, juicy melon! You are my one true love.

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5th January, 2007. 11:43 am. The endless conundrum...

How can I get myself more leisure time while simultaneouly meeting my ever-increasing need to earn and save money?

No, drug dealing is NOT the answer.

But if you have one, let me know!

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5th January, 2007. 12:35 am. Longing for an office-space moment...

I wish I could just lose all my cares and worries and be a total waste of air...because I am really way too busy to be on a vacation.

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4th January, 2007. 7:30 am. Money go down the hole...

I'm upset that my bank account is in the throes of death because of all the, probably boring, books about "poor people" I had to buy for my "education." Right now, I honestly hate college.

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